Senate Asphalt

Senate Asphalt is the premier paving contractor operating in the Washington, DC Metro Area.

Established in 1999, Senate Asphalt has proudly provided superior service to our nation’s capital and the surrounding metropolitan area for twenty years. Our team of experts is equipped to deliver high-quality paving services for virtually any project, regardless of its size or scope. Our proven record of performance on numerous government contracts makes us the preferred contractor for the region’s most challenging projects.

We are honored to hold a unique position within the DC market which allows us to perform work at many of our nation’s most iconic landmarks. Since we have been in business, Senate Asphalt has completed government- and military-agency projects at high-profile locations including the Lincoln Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon, even the south lawn of the White House.

Our team takes pride in approaching every project, regardless of location or owner, with the utmost focus on quality and safety. Our service and safety awards are proof our employees’ commitment to our culture of excellence.

At Senate Asphalt, we’re helping to preserve our nation’s history and future. The work we do plays an important role in the daily operations of our government, military, and civilian life in our capital. The men and women who form our company share a common goal of ensuring the success of our country for generations to come.

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At Senate Asphalt, our success depends entirely on the dedicated men and women that make up our team.

"We’re proud of our culture of investment that promotes advancement through the ranks of our company."