The Way We Work

Senate Asphalt operates according to a set of key principles that form the heart of our organization.

At Senate Asphalt, we make decisions based on seven tried-and-true criteria that influence all of our business dealings. Each is integral to our identity as a company. Together, they guide us toward our goal of becoming a well-rounded organization and trusted community partner for future generations of America’s leaders.

 These key principles influence every part of Senate Asphalt’s approach to business to guarantee overall performance and profitability:

Our team works together toward achieving our Zero Accidents vision. From top to bottom, our employees are expected to follow all safety requirements, report all unsafe behaviors and conditions, be alert to the safety of their fellow workers and the general public, and actively participate in all of our safety efforts.

At Senate Asphalt, safety will never be sacrificed for the sake of profit or production.

Our reputation for excellence is formed by our ability to deliver the highest-quality services available in the paving industry. Every contract we sign carries with it our commitment to giving clients the absolute best quality of services and products on the market.

At Senate Asphalt, our business is continually adapting and evolving to become more efficient, more long-lasting, and more capable of addressing the challenges of our markets. Innovation is a deeply ingrained component of our business, from the products we use to the methods and techniques involved in our paving operations. Our teams are always searching for innovative and creative means to improve our operations.

We believe that the preservation of our natural environment is one of the greatest challenges faced by today’s generations. We proudly embrace our responsibility to overcome that challenge, both as leaders within our industry and as citizens. At Senate Asphalt, we are evolving to confront the most pressing issue of our times by striving to reduce our environmental impact.

As the contractor of choice for government and military paving projects in DC, Senate Asphalt is deeply committed to the service we provide our clients. With every project our company takes on, we are continuously searching for ways to engineer greater value for our clients and accommodate even the strictest and most demanding production schedules.

Senate Asphalt has a history of being involved in the communities where our projects are located. Being a good neighbor and giving back to the community are part of Senate Asphalt’s culture of involvement. Whether we’re sponsoring charitable events, hosting open houses, donating time to local schools or contributing goods and services to a local cause, we are making a positive difference in countless communities where we do business.

Like our home city of Washington, DC, Senate Asphalt is steeped in history. At the same time, we are looking ahead to a bright and promising future. The services we provide contribute to building roads and infrastructure that will last for generations. As a business, we’re doing everything we can to last just as long, so that we can continue to serve our communities and our capital.