Our team’s reliability, effectiveness, proven track record makes Senate Asphalt the paving contractor of choice among government agencies in the Washington, DC Metro Area.

We fully understand the unique level of need for efficiency and reliability when it comes to fulfilling government contracts. Our nation’s governing agencies depend on their schedules being maintained, so that the men and women who serve in them can perform their important work with as little delay as possible. Our ability to address that need is part of what separates Senate Asphalt from many other paving contractors who cannot deliver high-profile projects. We pride ourselves on the adaptability and resourcefulness of our team which has helped us successfully deliver countless government projects.

Recently, Senate Asphalt has completed projects for the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, the Pentagon South Parking lot, and even the south lawn of the White House.

In every case, our team of professionals were fully vetted and approved access to these highly controlled environments in order to perform their work.

Our ability to deliver on such projects is closely connected with our ability to adapt to last-minute scheduling changes, non-typical security measures, and tightly controlled work environments. We are proud of our record of performance and ability to address the unique challenges of government contracts in order to provide a superior paving service.