September 30, 2019

John Alderman

Mr. Alderman has over 20 years of experience in asphalt milling, paving, and traffic control work with Senate Asphalt.

He is certified as an Asphalt Technician in the compaction and placement of HMA for VDOT, MDOT, and DDOT, as well as being certified by ATSSA as a Traffic Control Supervisor and Licensed Flagger Instructor. He also has certification in Construction Safety & Health for OSHA. His vast experience in the construction and management fields makes him a strong asset for any project that requires attention to details and procedures. Mr. Alderman has worked on numerous projects with 8A, DBE and other Minority companies and individuals working through the governmental process on at least six different military bases, the Pentagon, US Capitol and projects at the White House. He has strong knowledge and experience performing milling and paving work on VDOT and municipality contracts and always emphasizes quality and safety.